ALL Animals


All animals thrive with having choices – learning naturally – using positive reinforcement strategies!


“I would look at a dog and when our eyes met, I realized
that the dog and all creatures are my family.
They’re like you and me."

— Ziggy Marley


Kola had a very traumatic history with trailers.
Through many repetitions with positive reinforcement, skill, and patience,
he now loads easily, enjoys going places and is full of fun. :)




Animals need more than a bare minimal existence... Sunny was on Craigslist.  :(    
This awesome dog is now thriving after vet care and in a new environment where she is truly involved with social and mental stimulation, exercise, and choices.






Cats are often highly motivated and very trainable – including this adult male who was previously feral and extremely fearful.

We do not dictate the speed at which an individual will learn or recover from past trauma. If we push for too much progress, the behavior and learning retreat backwards with fear, mistrust, confusion. We can only move ahead as fast as the individual is able. The learner (animal) is always allowed to set the pace.