My Choices – Pick of the Litter

“Only if we understand can we care.
Only if we care will we help.
Only if we help shall they be saved."

— Jane Goodall

I support these excellent organizations/projects and recommend them to you:

The Nature Conservancy

Center for Biological Diversity

Conservation International

Defenders of Wildlife

National Audubon Society

Rainforest Trust

Sierra Club

Wildlife Conservation Society

World Wildlife Fund

Amazon Conservation Association

Viva Vaquita - Cetos Research Organization

The Conservation Fund

Direct Relief


World Parrot Trust

Parrots International

Phoenix Landing (North Carolina)

The Grey Parrot Anatomy Project (Write “Lafeber match” in Tribute section to double your donation.)

Arizona Animal Welfare League

Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center

The Phoenix Zoo

Desert Botanical Garden

Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum


Charity Navigator – “Your guide to intelligent giving