Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/ Many Facebook groups are helpful in reuniting pets and their people.

Craigslist  http://www.craigslist.org/
Post your lost or found bird/pet in your state/town/area at "Community – Pets" AND "For Sale By Owner – Farm & Garden" AND/OR  "For Sale By Owner – General For Sale". “Community” and “For Sale” are two separate areas – post your lost or found pet in both places.
(Caution: Always beware of scams however there are mostly good people on Craigslist.)

Fallen Feathers  http://www.fallenfeathers.org/
Found or Lost A Bird Please Call 623-533-2348

911 Parrot Alert  http://www.911parrotalert.com/lost/
Huge International Database for lost and found birds – Arizona Birds

Bird Hotline  http://www.birdhotline.com/
Postings are separated into Lost or Found and Listed by State or Country and Date – Arizona



→ Reinforce contact calls.

→ Teach a strong recall with your bird.

→ Microchip your bird at your avian veterinarian's office.

⇒ Please let me know if you would like help with these important skills. 


Lost Pet / Found a Pet

If you find an animal, bring him/her in to your local vet to check if the pet is microchipped.
(If your pets are not microchipped, ask your veterinarian about microchips.)

Arizona Humane Society: 602-997-7586 and 602-997-7585
Southern AZ Humane Society: 520-321-3704

Maricopa County Animal Care and Control: 602-506-PETS (7387)

Pets 911: 1-888-PETS911   Register lost pet online: www.pets911.com


                                      ❤Home Sweet Home❤

                                      ❤Home Sweet Home❤