“You provided a wonderful training plan. I greatly appreciate it. Thank you again for everything you have done for all of us and your expert advice.”

— Lisa

“I so appreciate everything you are doing for Buddy & I. The time you spent with us has made such a difference.”

— Mohry


“Thank you so much for a great session and a fun afternoon for all of us. We were fascinated with your skills and your personality and very grateful to have had the opportunity to know about you and meet you.”

— Sarah


“Thank you very much for the excellent training today. It was very helpful.”

— Linda


“I am so grateful - So many changes in just a few weeks and I thank you for all of them!”

— Mary


“Life-changing! Thank you!”

— Jack


“Thank you for all your good tips and training! We really enjoyed having you over. We have worked on some stuff today and Sammy is being a very good boy!”

— Holly


“So fun and educational meeting/working with you. Already working with Koa and making progress.”

— Julie


Thank you so much for this morning! Your manner and personality are exactly what Kristin can relate to and you made everything very clear as to what she needs to do, so I really think she will take your teaching and run with it! You are VERY good at what you do and I’m so glad I picked up your card at the vet’s office.

— Helen


(“You will find me to be friendly, enthusiastic, patient, and positive.”) <<< That is for sure!! THANK YOU!

— Loretta


“We are so encouraged about the progress made in just a couple of weeks. I thank you so much for that."

— Mira


I appreciate you so much! You’ll never know how much your knowledge and support has helped with Bodie.😊

— Veronica


I’m so excited that Flynn learned how to go in the cage so quickly. He even does it for Keith!

— Julia


You are an absolutely amazing teacher! Thank you so much.

— Kathy


Hi Barbara! Great presentation at Parrots of the Hills! Thanks again, we all enjoyed your talk!

— Patricia


I seriously could not be more impressed with your teaching skills and patience. John loves doing this and you have made it all positive and safe. Thank you so much Barb. My son’s smile is priceless!

— Lori


My husband and I really enjoyed your visit with us. You made me feel confident and relaxed with my birds. Thank you so much. I posted on Parrots Q&A about you. I hope it drums up some more business for you. I’ll let you know how things are going. Once again, thank you it was a pleasure.

— Cheryl


Spent the most delightful and informative afternoon with Barbara Deutscher of Harmony Animal Behavior. Barbara helped me with some techniques for handling my U2. She also gave me the confidence I needed. If anyone has issues with their bird or birds I highly recommend her.

— Anne


She had a blast!! Very exhausted! They went horseback riding & as all the girls were waiting they were telling the counselors which horses they wanted. Jadyn didn’t. She said I just luv horses & like to ride. The counselor said in front of all the girls that Jadyn has the perfect attitude towards horses. They gave her a great horse. Told her to ride around in the arena & then they asked her if she was a professional bc she knew exactly how to handle the horse. Since she did so well the counselors had her Lead all the girls. Jadyn told them she has Barbara to thank for teaching her everything about how to deal w horses.
The counselors were impressed & told her she was very lucky to have a teacher like that.

We seriously cannot thank you enough. You are an amazing teacher & it really showed how great you truly are. Thank you Barb! It has meant so much to us for all that you did. We you!

— Jadyn's mom


I just wanted to thank you for your visit today. I can’t tell you how much I just absolutely enjoyed your time with us. Mr. T will definitely get this! Thanks so much again!

— Heidi


It was a delight to meet you and I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate the time you spent with Daisy and me on Saturday. We are continuing to do better and I am working hard to read her body language and create mutually beneficial scenarios. She has started jabbering softly when she stands on her cage and wants love. Sometimes she just lays her head on my hand or places one foot on my hand but about 70% of the time she steps up. What a positive change! Again, thank you so much for your help with Daisy. You are simply amazing and it was really great to meet someone who loves and understands animals so well! Take good care,

— Robin :)


Iggy says hi. If anyone asks for a referral just send them to me and I will tell them that you are AWESOME. Thank you.

— Randy


It was awesome meeting you; thank you so much. I’ve been training Zeke and he’s doing great, thanks to you. No bites! hooray!

— Mike


Hey Barb, Both birds are doing amazing AND THEY’RE NOT FIGHTING!! I really think more than anything these exercises have been a great trust builder, which is invaluable. They are doing so well and I owe it all to you, thank you so much.

— Melanie


Everything is going great. Rio has stopped screaming as much and now laughs a lot which is wonderful. The male sugar glider has gotten much better too. Thank you again for your help. It’s made a world of difference.

— Hannah


I’ve noticed such a big change in Lulu since she met you! She has been much more friendly and talkative towards everyone! Thanks for teaching me about how we should be training her, she has been doing her wave :) I have many of my customers who would love to do a bird workshop with you next time you are in town!

— Kelby - Pet’s Delight, Los Altos, CA.


It was amazing working with you yesterday! I appreciate ALL your information and how you really spent a lot of time with our family! Thank you for being so patient and kind with my kids! and Odie! I thought you were awesome and really helped! I feel this will be a journey for sure and I have so much to learn. . .. and so does Odie! I would like to do a training session again in a couple weeks. Thank you for helping our family on this journey! You Rock!

— Sheila


Barb, You are amazing! Tiki is a different bird! She wants to step up now.

— Shelly


Barb – You truly have helped us understand this concept of behavior in a whole new way! I believe this will help us achieve many goals in the future. Thank you so much. :) Grateful,

— Christie


This was a major breakthrough day for me personally in understanding how to demonstrate affection to my dog, as well as how to be a better, more consistent trainer. You were amazing in your understanding of where I was this morning and getting me to become more proactive in handling her. Thank you for allowing me to express my feelings and emotions and being willing to be honest with me. You always surprise me with your positive, can-do, let’s-do-it-now approach.

— CJ


Thank you so much. Barkley is so responsive to redirecting and the treats. The difference between the positive reinforcement and my method of just saying no and getting frustrated is night and day. He’s asleep on his bed right now, not the couch! Yay! We are so excited – it’s the small things that made such a difference today.

— Kate


We have had a wonderful week and Mac is doing great! Just wanted to let you know how awesome things are going and I know they’ll only continue to get better!

— Alexis