Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do your sessions work?

A: I travel to your home to observe and work with your animal(s) and you in your daily environment. The session will last up-to-two-hours. In this time, I will help you understand what is motivating the behavior(s) and how to get behavior you want. We will cover the necessary basic knowledge, demonstration, practice, and a training plan.


Q: How much is a session with more than one animal?

A: We can work with one animal or multiple animals in a session. All sessions are by time spent together rather than number or species of animals.


Q: How many sessions will it take to train my <animal>?

In your first session, I will share and demonstrate the basic science of behavior – how to understand and communicate with your animal – as well as training strategies to avoid and solve common problem behaviors.

Following your session, I am available by email to support your progress and stay on track with the behavior solutions. You may choose to have additional sessions for further help with your challenges or in-person support in mastering the art and skill of training.


Q: Do you have group classes?

A: Rather than group training classes, I come to your home to work with you and your animal individually within your own environment. We discuss and observe and solve the specific issues that concern you.

Please contact me to be put on the list for upcoming group training classes (limited number of birds invited for demonstration).
If you are interested in classes to learn the theory and application of the science of learning and behavior, please be sure to let me know.


Q: Where do I go for your training?

A: Working at your home within your animal’s environment allows me to observe, discuss, and best address each individual’s unique challenges and needs. As training progresses we can move out into other environments as appropriate for success in your training and behavior goals.

(Group classes happen in various locations.)


Q: How long will training take?

A: It is up to each individual animal plus your continued correct and consistent training as to how long it will take to accomplish your goal.

Training is a lifestyle – an ongoing relationship that includes being fair and consistent in reinforcing behaviors you like and not reinforcing behaviors you want to fade. Your animal is continually learning therefore you are always teaching (training) whether intentionally or unintentionally!

I can explain and show you the strategies and a training plan in one session of up to 2 hours.


Q: Will you help me with my animal if I live outside of Phoenix / Arizona?

A: Yes. Please contact me to discuss your specific details: 480-272-0533  or  or Contact page.


Q: What is CPBC and CPBT?

A: CPBC = Certified Parrot Behavior Consultant  (from IAABC = International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants)

CPBT = Certified Professional Bird Trainer – Knowledge Assessed (from IATCB = International Avian Trainer’s Certification Board)

For further information please see “CPBT-KA – seriously” and “CPBC – Really” on this website.


Q: Why choose a certified trainer?

A: Certification through a reputable organization attests to a level of achievement in knowledge, experience, skills, and ethical standards. When regular re-certification is required (as with IAABC and IATCB), certification guarantees that the person has completed continuing education requirements to ensure that they are up-to-date with current practices in their field.

Q: Do you work with other animals besides birds?

A: Yes, I have experience, education, knowledge and skill with a wide variety of species. The function of behavior is the throughout the animal world - we all behave to have an effect on the world around us. I use strategies that work to clearly and kindly communicate with any animal. 

Please read my resume on this website for details.


Q: Can my <animal> be trained to do <this>?

A: Your animal can be taught to do anything he or she is physically capable of doing. How much time and effort it will take to accomplish your goal depends on the difficulty of the behavior for the individual learner and the ability and experience of both the trainer-teacher and the animal-learner.


Q: Can my animal be trained not to <do this>?

A: When someone wants to teach an animal NOT to do something, they are thinking in terms of reducing a behavior. Reducing a behavior = punishment (by scientific definition). Research shows us that punishment has detrimental side effects. Punishment doesn’t teach an animal what ‘to do’ to be successful and can create worry or apathy in the animal. Punishment doesn’t help the “trainer” learn how to train/teach the animal. Punishment only works when the "trainer"/punisher is present. Punishment may become associated with the “trainer” or even generalized to dislike/fear/avoid all similar "trainers". Punishment can create an animal who is constantly concerned about how not to behave = a poor quality of life.

I prefer to think in terms of “What do I want the animal TO DO INSTEAD?”. Choosing to teach and reinforce behavior you want the animal to do strengthens the behavior = reinforcement (by scientific definition). Reinforcement produces an eager learner who offers more behavior which we can selectively reinforce to shape into behaviors that work for both you and the animal.


Q: Does my spouse/partner/significant other have to be at my session?

A: I recommend having all the members of your household attend at least part of your session. They are each a part of your animal’s environment and consistency is key for your animal’s learning.


Q: What do you charge?

A: A session of up-to-two-hours (local) is $125 and includes specific pre-session instructions and a follow-up summary with a written training plan for your animal.  You may choose a package of 5 sessions prepaid for $550 (local - to use within 3 months). I am available to answer questions and support your success before and after your session(s) by email/text/phone.

I will share powerful yet simple strategies that open up trust and understanding with animals. My goal is to make the training enjoyable and successful for every individual.

Learning to clearly and kindly communicate with your animal allows you to work through any situation. You CAN have an amazing relationship with your animals and create an environment in which you live together in harmony.

Please let me know if you have any questions and how I can help you, when you would like to schedule a session and where you are located.
Thank you very much.

Barbara Bingham Deutscher, CPBC, CPBT-KA
Harmony Animal Behavior

Creative ideas and training for real life
Working WITH all animals
IAABC Certified Parrot Behavior Consultant
IATCB Certified Professional Bird Trainer

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